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My Body is Your Body is Everybody is Nobody 2020 (Clint)
Single Channel Video

What role, if any, does touch play in your everyday life?
Other than the cat and some occasional hugs? Not much. Thus the shaking hands :)

What is your preferred touch (a texture, a feeling, a type of contact)
Kitty snuggles :)

Can you recall a memorable touch or physical interaction from your past that has imprinted on you?
This is a difficult question- I have removed (for the most part) meaningful touch from other people as part of my life and to bring importance to something that’s has been devalued for so long is challenging :/

What has been your experience with this project? (Thoughts, feelings, takeaways)
Scary scary scary :) I love that you are trying to bring forth the importance of touch- it is a necessary thing as we move forward as a culture. For me? I’m just not sure if it belongs in my life? Not sure.