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Consent, Intent, & Boundaries: Caress
Audio Clip

Performance One: The Caress
Verb: to stroke, touch, fondle, brush, pet, nuzzle

Intent (speed, duration & location)
Loving, gentle, parental, subjugating, objectifying, dominating, tickling, reassuring

What does it mean to caress someone?

To brush their skin?

To linger across a body?

Will it be full of love or lust?

Be soft or dominating?

Will it be aggressive;

made to sting or burn?

Why are you touching this person?

Do they need comfort?

Human contact?

Or do you?

What is your relationship to this person?

Why do you want (or do you even want) to touch them?

What part of their body calls out to you?

Will you have them touch you back?

What will your mark look like?

Will I be able to discern each and every fingerprint?

Will you cover large swathes of my body or confine your touch to a small area?

I wholly and fully believe in the power of human touch and connection as a catalyst for change. Physical connection is fundamental to our development and our overall sense of well being. Touch is a language that is instinctively understood if you know how to listen.
Look at posture. Look for micro-expressions in the face. Listen to the tone and cadence of a voice. Clues to a person’s physical and emotional well being are there. And yours are visible too. The next step is truly taking time to touch, to physically connect to other people. Hug loved ones longer and more deeply. Press your body against your partner. Lean into a close friend. Share a handshake with someone new.