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My Body is Your Body is Everybody is Nobody 2020 (James)
Single Channel Video

What role, if any, does touch play in your everyday life?
Sometimes, settling down in bed with my spouse (we sleep in the nude so there is a lot of contact other than sex), i think "this is the best part of being married".

What is your preferred touch (a texture, a feeling, a type of contact)
I like strong hugs, touching someone's cheek or neck, and closed-mouth kisses.

Can you recall a memorable touch or physical interaction from your past that has imprinted on you?
A first kiss with someone I had re-met after 40 years without contact, I couldn't think about anything else for 3 or 4 days afterwards.

What has been your experience with this project? (Thoughts, feelings, takeaways)
I made me a little nervous before we started, but in a good way. It is an intense emotional experience. I wanted to kiss you. You are brave to undertake this work.