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My Body is Your Body is Everybody is Nobody 2020 (Maggie)
Single Channel Video

What role, if any, does touch play in your everyday life?
Being involved with this project has made me realize that I don’t receive a lot of human touch I. my day-to-day life. But I have two cats, two dogs and five chickens so I’m never at a loss for something soft and sweet to touch. It is so grounding and calming... but also making me realize I need more human contact in my life.

What is your preferred touch (a texture, a feeling, a type of contact)
Feet rubs

Can you recall a memorable touch or physical interaction from your past that has imprinted on you?
It would always make me so happy when a lover would come up behind me and kiss my shoulder. I guess I love unexpected (But welcome!) surprise touches like that.

What has been your experience with this project? (Thoughts, feelings, takeaways)
Need more people to touch me in my life!