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My Body is Your Body is Everybody is Nobody 2020 (Chloe)
Single Channel Video

What role, if any, does touch play in your everyday life?
Working in a restaurant, I move quickly around rooms crowded with people, both my co workers and customers. People learn how to communicate verbally and move around in the space together without constantly crashing into each other, but sometimes the moment happens so quickly you only have a time for a light touch to let a coworker know you are inches behind them. I am fascinated by the speed of information and the level of respect communicated through this kind of small, light touch.

What is your preferred touch (a texture, a feeling, a type of contact)
I love hugs with friends and family. I want a squeeze that is firm and not timid, but gentle and not crushing. I also love massages with very firm pressure, where I can trust this bold touch and let my muscles relax.

Can you recall a memorable touch or physical interaction from your past that has imprinted on you?
A few months ago, my beloved dog passed away after a long illness. Touching his fur and hugging him goodbye were incredibly emotional moments. I knew that this touch could only exist in that moment, and for the last time, and yet some part of my brain has tried very hard to hang onto the exact memory of this touch.

What has been your experience with this project? (Thoughts, feelings, takeaways)
It has been a wonderful experience overall. It was fun to learn more about the project afterwards, so that going into it I had few expectations. It makes me excited to realize that this art and research exists! I am looking forward to learning and experiencing more.