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My Body is Your Body is Everybody is Nobody 2020 (Katie)
Single Channel Video

What role, if any, does touch play in your everyday life?
Most touch in my life is from my children. They love proximity and snuggling and spontaneous hugging and still both love kisses. I wake them up with a special back massage (accompanying the “Morning Massage” song).

What is your preferred touch (a texture, a feeling, a type of contact)
The weight of soft blankets, hugs that last as long as needed.

Can you recall a memorable touch or physical interaction from your past that has imprinted on you?
Lots and lots. I remember the feeling of my son being placed on my body after he was born. It was electrical and important and he was exactly where he was supposed to be. My belly felt oddly empty and soft under his stretched out body and he was the only thing I could feel as the midwife and my family and nurses bustled around and suddenly there was this human in my arms and I loved him so much.

What has been your experience with this project? (Thoughts, feelings, takeaways)
Accepting the touching felt easier than giving touch. I wondered if it felt ok and I wondered if I should touch differently, but kept touching how I though it might feel good and safe feeling.